Options & Accessories


Interlocks hold chairs together and are often a requirement for local fire codes. Select from Pew style for tight rows or radius for a slight radius. Included in the price of your chair.

Book Rack

With communion cup holder. Welded into the frame for durability. Up-charges apply.

Card Pocket

14” wide, 4” card pocket holds items such as response cards, envelops, flyers and pencils. Up-charges apply.

Also Available​

Single Loop Communion Cup Holder

The Single Loop Communion Holder attached to the back leg just below the bend for access by the person sitting in the row behind. Does not interfere with stacking. Up-charges apply.

Retractable Interlocks

Retractable Interlock slide in to be out of the way and hidden from view. Retractable interlocks are perfect for those needing to interlock arm chairs with non-arm chairs or those desiring a larger gap between chairs. Up-charges apply.

Stackable Arms

Stackable Arm Chairs make it easy to get up and out of the chair. Available on Monarch and Marquis Models. Up-charges apply.

Detached Kneelers

Detached Kneelers slide easily under the chair in front to be out of the way and accessible when needed. Up-charges apply.

22″ Wide Option

Add 2 additional inches in width to your chair. Available on Monarch and Marquis Models. Up-charges apply.

Don’t Forget A Chair Dolly

Designed to fit your chairs perfectly and reduce the effort of moving chairs. We recommend at least 1 dolly with every order.